Now Arriving…MK #2 – Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Moving on with our virtual blogging tour around the Magic Kingdom we disembark from our Jungle Cruise vessels and head on over to the bustling market square of Agrabah to take flight on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin!

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Now Arriving…MK #1 – Jungle Cruise.

We’re on a virtual blogging tour around the Walt Disney World parks, starting first with the Magic Kingdom. I’ll travel around in a clockwise direction to share my own thoughts and opinions on its rides and attractions.

First up, the Adventureland classic that is The Jungle Cruise!

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Clockwatching as our 2018 trip Approach-eth


Time just seems to tick backwards when you’re in the last few weeks before a Disney trip huh. The trip countdown number become smaller with each passing day, whilst thoughts about what we’re going to ride first at the parks and how many pounds I’m going to put on eating my body weight in dole whips grows daily.

The arrival of April means I can now officially say “I’m off to Disney World next month!” Yay for me and the rest of the MLB clan (hmm, why have I only just noticed how this blog name abbreviates…(batter up!)

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A Charge Too Far?

Disney announcing a rise in costs for this that and the other is a bit like the changing of the seasons these days. We’ve become almost immune to the inevitable rise in tickets, dining, events etc that we just kind off accept they will happen. We bemoan the fact that we’ll have to pay more but part with our money regardless because, hey its Disney! The often inflation busting increases has done little to dampen peoples enthusiasm to plan a Disney vacation with visitor numbers as strong as ever.

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Was it Really a ‘Great’ Movie Ride?

That’s a wrap…as far as being able to ride the movies at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The doors to the Great Movie Ride have closed for good to make way for a new production that will see Mickey & pals take up residence in an all new attraction ‘Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Change will always be derided by some and praised by others, so how much will we really miss it? Was it the centrepiece attraction that celebrated the evolution of film and signified what the studios were all about or was it merely a showcase of popular cinema though the years coupled with a few cheesy gags.

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That Time I Went Whisky Tasting On The Disney Fantasy

Popping up my news feed today was an interesting article about Disney Cruise Line’s on board Alcohol Taster Sessions which can now be booked ahead of time during on-line check-in as opposed to embarkation day (or during your cruise if there’s availability). I was fortunate enough to attend one of these during our last cruise on the Fantasy a couple of years back so thought I’d share my experience to assist anyone who might fancy giving it a try but are unsure what to expect.

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No More Vacancies at WDW’s Rumour Mill

Walt Disney World’s Rumour Mill is officially turning away any more new rumours due to reaching capacity in the run up to the D23 Expo event this coming weekend. The mill has been in overdrive during the last few weeks and has been noticeably giving off plumes of pixie dust as the sheer number of potential announcements has cranked production up to 11.

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